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Is there any black-out dates?

There are no black out dates for our Miami Boat Club and your membership with us. You are allowed to book max 2 hours at a time during weekends and holidays but we will definitely give you a special rate if you wish to book for longer. If you are a member, you are part of the family so we will be flexible to make you happy!

How does the sharing plan work?

It is very easy to share you plan: 1- decide who you would like to share your plan with 2- contact us to inform us which plan you would like to get 3- we will ask for all the people's IDs and matching debit cards or bank accounts 4- every month all the participants will be charged their share individually 5- decide when you want to come and plan to come with the other payers or not

Can I report the hours I haven't used to the next month?

Except exceptional circumstances such as worldwide pandemic or a super active hurricane month, you won't be able to tranfer your hours to the next month. However, as explained above, you are now part of the family so your circumstances will be taken into account to discuss a reporting of the unused hours of your boat membership.

Can I take the boat for 1 hour and come back?

Under regular circumstances, we would say no because there is a big logistic behind making the boat available for you. Only for 1 hour, it doesn't make sense for us. However, if the boat is already out and we have availability to fit you for 1 hour, we will be more than happy to give you the boat. As you probably already notice, customer service is our top priority. We want to make you happy and as long as it is feasible for us, we will always do our best to accomodate.

How far in advance should I block my hours?

The sooner you book, the more you will make your plan profitable. We usually recommend to book a few days in advance when you come during the week and at least 2 weeks in advance if you come during the weekend. Of course, if you decide last minute, you are more than welcome to call or text us and if there is any availability, we will gladly accomodate you and your group.

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